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Long Farm


New-build barn in Reydon, Suffolk
Architects: Lucy Marston Architects (also the owner)
Budget: £550,440
Price of Build: £555,861
Living Space: 417m2
Time to build: 13 months

The clients planned to create a modest rural family house which would be regarded as ‘classic’ in years to come. They also wanted their new house to age well and to possess the character, warmth and generosity they had experienced in their period homes to date, and exploit the site's unique views over the countryside. Given the limited budget, the approach taken was to use every day, ordinary materials and building elements and assemble them in a careful and intelligent way, to create a unique, characterful and bespoke composition. The house achieves its modest but challenging ambition to be highly contextual and recognisable as a Suffolk house, but also clearly of its time and inspiring as an example of 21st family sustainable living. It is at once generous and outward looking but also intimate and warm, tailored but flexible, and modern - but classic. Sustainable building features: Highly insulated structure with timber frame injected with re-cycled newspaper insulation - minimising heat loss though walls, floors and roof. Air source heat pump for heating and hot water provision. Wood burning stoves provide a back up heating source.

Why the project won: We selected this project because of its crafty engagement with its context, and the way it modernises its vernacular to make a considered and contemporary scheme. We also chose it because of its breathtakingly calm interiors. White-washed ceilings, lovely timber furniture.

Lucy Marston (Homeowner and Architect) says: "Winning Grand Designs Home of the Year 2013 meant an enormous amount to me. It gave me public recognition for a personal solo project and so gave me the exposure and confidence that helped me to develop my work and practise further. As an influential and highly respected brand, the Grand Designs award has given me a public profile and a very valuable calling card."

Read the Sunday Times article here

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